24 Mar

inFamous Second Son

inFAMOUS Second Son helped usher in the PlayStation 4 and did so with style. The game grabs you from the word go with the incredibly well-acted and well-produced story sequences and doesn’t back down, letting you and your superpowers run free around a beautifully realized Seattle. Like any game released early in a system’s life Second Son has its flaws, but the hits more than make up for the misses and you’ll be having too much fun following Delsin’s story to worry about much else.

System: PS4
Sucker Punch
Sony Computer Entertainment
Year Published:
Action Adventure

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21 Jul

Final Fantasy Tactics

System: Playstation
Publisher: Square / Sony Computer Entertainment
Year Released: 1998
Genre: Tactical RPG

Final Fantasy Tactics takes all the mythos of the series you love and turns it into one of the finest tactical RPGs ever made. With an amazing soundtrack, compelling story, and tons of customization for your party, this is a must play game for the Playstation.

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