21 Jul

Final Fantasy Tactics

System: Playstation
Publisher: Square / Sony Computer Entertainment
Year Released: 1998
Genre: Tactical RPG

Final Fantasy Tactics takes all the mythos of the series you love and turns it into one of the finest tactical RPGs ever made. With an amazing soundtrack, compelling story, and tons of customization for your party, this is a must play game for the Playstation.

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  • http://www.thesavestate.com/ Landon Barton

    Awesome first game. As terrible as I am at tactics-based RPG’s I am a sucker for Final Fantasy’s as well as the world they created for this game. Great job guys!

  • Justin Graham

    Final Fantasy Tactics is a classic, though the poor quality of the PS1 version’s translation really can’t be understated. The PSP version is a vast improvement in that regard and I’d argue is worth the slowdown to see.

  • Maxime Drouin

    Having English as my second language, I never been bothered with the translation quality.
    I am one of the lucky few to have purchased this game new and I still have it today. It is by far my favourite FF game. I just hope I could play it again on a retro capable PS4 not owning a PS1 anymore. This being said, I don’t understand how square managed to do so poorly on the other FF tactics sequels.